Fifth Street Brewpub
Fifth Street Brewpub is Dayton, Ohio's first and only co-op brewpub. Five years after opening their doors, FSB was considering a rebrand that captured who they had become. FSB is uniquely a neighborhood, community-centered brewpub that gives back. Sharpe Creative delivered a new identity that conceptually tied in the number five while giving a personal, community based meaning ownable to the brewpub.
Refreshed Logo
Three initial concepts were presented. Fifth Street Brewpub's previous logo had a dimensional barrel look. Not only did this logo look like a few local competitors, it was hard to use in print on t-shirts, glasses, etc. In addition to totally new logo options, FSB wanted to see a simplified version of their current logo.
New Logo Options
In addition to a "refreshed" version of their current logo, I presented two logo directions that reflected the personality of FSB. The other two marks spoke to the personal, community-focused, neighborhood gathering positioning that Fifth Street Brewpub wanted to communicate.
Social Media Posts
Sharpe Creative has been an invaluable partner as Fifth Street Brewpub has worked to update our brand to better reflect our current business and customers. Sharpe Creative guided all facets of the process. Without his expertise and market awareness we likely would not have moved forward, or would have done so with a lesser product.


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